3-5 Day NMC OSCE Course

    Who we are?

    Preparation Centre for Medical Professionals. Daily Intensive IELTS Academic, OET and OSCE for NMC Registration and IELTS Academic, OET and Plab for GMC Registration. Headquarters in North and Central London. Qualified IELTS tutors and examiners. OET courses led (in-person) by language professionals, OSCE courses led by Senior UK Nurses and Plab courses led by Medical Doctors.

Would you like a 3 or 5-day NMC OSCE Course?

We have really high pass rates (98% first time and 100% second time), so rest assured that you are in good hands for an efficient OSCE training solution.

We provide two main types of OSCE courses:
· 3 days including APIE, Clinical Skills and Full Mock Exam.
· 5 days including APIE, Clinical Skills and Full Mock Exam + 2 Post Course Consolidation Days

The Core 3-Day Course Features:

Day 1: classroom based and features: basic anatomy physiology and background; APIE (Assessments, Care Planning, Implementation and Evaluation); Documentation; NEWS charts and Observation Charts; Common NMC practice Scenarios.

Day 2: either classroom or hospital based and works on. Skills includes ANTT, Basic life support, Peak flow, Removal of Foley Catheter, CSU Sample and IM Injections.

Day 3: London hospital based and includes-- A full mock NMC OSCE Exam. Individual feedback.

The 5-Day Course Features:

Day 1: APIE

Day 2: Skills including: ANTT; Basic Life Support; Peak flow; Removal of Foley Catheter; CSU Sample and IM Injections

Day 3: is usually London hospital based and includes: A full mock NMC OSCE Exam. Individual feedback.

Day 4 & 5: A 1:1, 1:2 or 1:3 chance for Supervisor-led practice on any areas of improvement identified in the Day 3 NMC OSCE Mock Examination
Extras: Pre course pack with revision videos; NMC OSCE goodie pack on day 1; Whatsapp support group; 2-hours 1:1 in person or online consultation with your trainer before your exam.

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